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Purge Pages Deployments

The purpose of this program is to offer a quick way to bulk remove all Cloudflare Pages deployments for a project. If you want to remove deployments for a specific branch, check out the prune deployments command.


You need to pass the following flags to run this program:

  • --api-token: Your API token with the required permissions.
  • --account-id: Your account ID where the pages project is located.
  • --project-name: The name of the pages project.

Optional flags:

  • --dry-run: If you want to see what would be deleted without actually deleting anything.
  • --delete-project: If you want to delete the Pages project after deleting all deployments. It will delete the project even if there are deployments left.
  • --lots-of-deployments: If you have more than 20,000 deployments, this will slow down the rate of listing deployments.


cloudflare-utils --api-token <API Token with Pages:Edit> --account-id <account ID> purge-deployments --project-name <project name>


I have only tested this with a project with 20,000 deployments. While doing so, it was able to delete all deployments even though there were some errors. It will take a while to run with a lot of deployments so be patient.

Required API Permissions

Token Quick Link

  • Account:Cloudflare Pages:Edit