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DNS Cleaner

The purpose of DNS cleaner is to offer a quick way to bulk remove DNS records that you don't want.
If you are looking to remove all DNS records then check out the dns-purge feature


Clear mode operates in two steps, one to download the records and another to make any requested changes.

Default Behavior

When you run dns-cleaner command it will download dns records if a DNS file does not exist and apply changes if a DNS file exists. You can choose either downloading or uploading with the download and upload sub-commands

1. Download

When you download DNS records, a file called dns-records.yml will be created with contains your DNS records.
If you want a different file name then add --dns-file with the name of the file you want.

Download options

--no-keep: Changes the default keep value to false

--quick-clean: Looks through all DNS records for ones that are numeric values and sets those to false.


Using --no-keep with --quick-clean is not supported.

2. Edit your records

Open the newly created file and any record that you do not want to keep change keep: to false. Do not delete records you want to remove, only change keep: to false

3. Apply your changes

Once you have made all the changes you need to apply the changes. You can do this by either running just dns-cleaner command or dns-cleaner upload command.

Upload options

--dry-run: See what would be deleted without actually deleting anything.

--remove-file: Remove the DNS file after uploading.


  • If you changed the name of the file via the flag then you need to point to the same file
  • Once a DNS record is deleted, then it is gone. This program does not recreate records

Required API Permissions

Token Quick Link

  • Zone:DNS:Edit